Don't just listen to us... listen to what the past KYCKers had to say about KYCK!
We've heard so many great stories of how KYCK has impacted the lives of teenagers. 

"I no longer have excuses for all the times I've stuffed up... thanks KYCK, for helping me to see that I was wrong. For empowering me so much and charging me with the Truth of God!" - Sarah

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Thank you for an amazing weekend, I really enjoyed it and it reconnected me with the power and love of my Saviour.
— KYCK Delegate, Year 12
KYCK was totally awesome! I loved the talks and found them applicable to my life. It has changed my life!
— KYCK Delegate, Year 10
I thought that it was great and I had heaps of fun. The talks were definitely top quality and some of the best I have ever heard. They were deep, meaningful and really good. I am glad I came because it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done!
— KYCK Delegate, Year 7
The talks were great! They were engaging and easy to understand. This was a great topic. It clears up what the passages actually mean, and how God actually wants us to live. Thank you!
— KYCK Delegate, Year 12
The talks were great and were targeted very well at the youth but applicable for all ages. Thank you KYCK team, you do such a great job and it’s obvious that you want to see Jesus glorifed. We were encouraged greatly to keep living for Jesus and one of the youth put their trust in God for the first time. Praise God!
— KYCK Youth Leader
I’m a first timer, was at the gate of the narrow path. Now I’m on the narrow path.
— KYCK Delegate, Year 10
I love the fact that the talks have application in them so everyone knows how to survive and change their life for the better.
— KYCK Delegate, Year 9
Patricia’s seminar was brilliant. I think it was stuff I already knew but to see the science and Bible verses behind it was great and to have these ideas reinforced.
— KYCK Delegate, Year 12