This year at KYCK we have 3 great speakers coming together to speak about what it looks like to be a Christian in this world.

Josh Hawkins: Christians + Social Media

Kevin Loo: Christians + Science

Coco Knight: Christians + Social Justice


All this at ONE seminar - you'll be crazy not to attend!



A shy child, he was often alone and kept himself amused with pulling faces and making castles out of cardboard. Since then he has ventured into many areas of life, rapping, knitting, dancing for long periods of time...

He now finds himself as a young adults minister by day and D grade YouTube celebrity by night. He loves high fives so if you see him, make his day with one.

Josh has a passion for using social media and videos to connect with people and to be able to share Jesus with them. He has a huge social media following, with more than 8 top friends on myspace, he is keen to share his experience of how to use social media to influence the world for Jesus.



All his life, Kevin just wanted to be a Pokemon Master. Unfortunately, he found himself neck deep in the world of physics. After ten years of university, he was awarded the ultimate prize of PhD and moved to Central Europe to pursue a career in Applied Physics. He recently returned to his home in the Gong for a few months whilst searching for his next job as a physicist, or a coffee shop owner/battle rapper.

Kevin's seminar will not answer all your questions about science, but will provide examples and explore some basic concepts on how science and religion can and should exist in a mutually beneficial partnership. He will speak from his experience working as a Christian physicist, as well as the 3 blog posts and 1.5 books he has read recently.


Coco Knight has two passions in life. Kmart and Taylor Swift. It's not uncommon to find her browsing the homewares aisles late at night while humming "we are never, ever, ever..."

When she isn't smelling candles at Kmart or pruning the roses in her garden, Coco the Knight has a passion for people, in particular she has a heart for refugees and asylum seekers and linking churches to those who need that community the most. She started an organisation called Simple Love where she outworks her passion for social justice in the Church. Coco Knight, strong name... even stronger passions