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There is no better thing to do than to immerse yourself in gospel ministry. Your church needs you to do this and Jesus wants you to do this. Whether it’s chatting to your school mates about Jesus, or helping out in your church with Youth Group, teaching Sunday school or supporting your youth leader. It’s what we are called to do as Christians.

Right now, you may not know what you want to do when you leave school but doing a MTS apprenticeship may be something worth considering.

As an MTS Apprenticeship you get the opportunity to ‘live the life’ of a full time gospel worker. This MTS option will help you work out:

  1. how you’re wired, and;
  2. where you might plug in to grow God’s Kingdom in the future.

Right now there are over 280 apprentices who have immersed themselves in ministry in more than 150 churches.

Immerse yourself in ministry and consider a future that includes an MTS apprenticeship

For more information, please visit MTS.


Thinking about doing a Gap Year?

Well, The Bridge is SMBC’s Bible-based, missions-focussed gap year for 18-21s. We’ll take you deeper into…

Global Mission - Be part of God’s global mission. Get into hands-on weekly activities centred on mission, mission lectures, plus a mid-year overseas cultural trip.

Purposeful Learning - Gain a greater understanding of God’s character and purpose with deep and relevant study of the Old Testament, New Testament and mission.

Spiritual Growth - Grow in Christ-likeness through Bible-centred learning, mission activities, reflection and prayer. Be mentored and develop a greater confidence in sharing the gospel.

New Relationships - Develop new friendships and ‘bridge into new circles with people from other cultures, missionaries, mission organisations, para-church ministries and lecturers.

Practical Skills - Get a ‘tool box’ of very practical life and ministry skills. Learn how to give a Bible talk, cook for a crowd, barista training, give first aid and lots more!

For more information, please visit The Bridge.

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Open Doors

Fact: It is illegal to own a Bible in North Korea.

Fact: It is illegal to convert to Christianity in Pakistan.

Fact: Over 215 million Christians are severely persecuted for their faith.

Open Doors exists to serve and strengthen these people, the persecuted church.

What do we do?

In over 60 countries worldwide, we partner with local churches to ensure they are equipped and ready to proclaim the gospel in some of the hardest places to be a Christian.

In Australia, Open Doors Youth partners with schools, youth groups and universities to share the stories of our persecuted family and inspire the next generation to become change-makers for Christ!

What can you do?

Go silent for the silenced. Join Blackout, the 48 hour social media fast to raise support and awareness for our persecuted family in the Middle East.

Sign up for Blackout now.

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In 25 developing countries, Compassion empowers Christian churches to reveal God’s love to children.

Francisco lives under an awning in a car yard in Colombia. But, through Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program, he found hope in Jesus and is boldly impacting his community.

Stand up for children living in poverty!

Find out more about Compassion Child Sponsorship.


Australian Christian Lobby 

The Australian Christian Lobby is a grassroots movement of over 80,000 people seeking to bring a Christian influence to Australian politics. We want to see Christian values and ethics influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate as a society. 

ACL gives you, the next generation of politicians, policy makers and voters, a voice to make a better future for all Australians. 

Through our Lachlan Macquarie Internship and Campaign Headquarters (CHQ), ACL is empowering and training up future leaders to take up the fight on issues like abortion, euthanasia, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and protection of the family by preserving marriage.

ACL gives you a voice to help make our nation more just and compassionate.

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Moore College

At this stage in your life you may be starting to consider life after school. Is it a gap year? Is it university or work? Or maybe Christian ministry of some sort?

Since 1856, Moore College has been training people to be passionate about Jesus. The College:

  • Offers a community that aids in learning
  • Encourages spiritual growth
  • Develops practical ministry skills

Graduates end up serving God in all sorts of different roles—as missionaries, aid workers,, pastors, school chaplains, Christian studies teachers and scripture teachers, university and church evangelists, cross-cultural workers,, social workers, community workers and refugee advocacy workers.

As you consider your future, consider Moore College.

For more information, please visit Moore College.

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Barnabus Fund

Worst drought in 60 years.

Cattle, donkeys and camels have died before our own eyes,” says Pastor Chochoi. “Humans are faced with starvation … [they] have now resorted to boiling and eating wild fruit.  They boil the fruits for several hours to remove the poison before eating them … I doubt we will survive in the next few months.”

Rivers, boreholes and water pans have all dried up. People are digging holes in the dry riverbed to seek water. 30 million people affected.

Would you like to be a part of Project Joseph? 

You can make a difference in a family’s life by sacrificing something you want ….. to give a family something they need …..

Donate HERE.