At the last few KYCKs we raised money to help subsidise some of our KYCK friends. If your youth group travels from the "country" we understand how much harder it is for you guys to come to KYCK. 

We want to make it a little easier by giving you a little boost! 

In 2014, the Country KYCK Bonus was introduced for the first time and we had over 400 youth come from the country - that's just amazing! In 2016, we had almost 680 youth travel over 250km to get to KYCK!



What's the bonus?

BONUS #1: It's your group's first time at KYCK... then you will receive $20 off per ticket.

BONUS #2: Your group has been to KYCK before.... you will receive $10 off per ticket.


So how do I get the Country KYCK Bonus?

STEP 1: If you think you are eligible to get this bonus, get your group leader to fill out the application form. (Download application form)

STEP 2: If you are eligible, you will receive an email with the discount code. 

Sound easy?

Well it is! But there are some conditions...


Terms & Conditions

  1. Funds for this Bonus are limited, so it's a first in, best dressed policy!
  2. Apply for the Country KYCK Bonus BEFORE you purchase your tickets.
  3. The Bonus will only be applied to the registration if the group leader pays for all the tickets. 
  4. Not all groups who apply will receive the Bonus. You will receive an email from KCC within one week after your application regarding whether or not you are eligible.
  5. The discount code/s cannot be used by other groups or transferred to those who have not applied for the bonus. 
  6. A "new group" means that they have NOT attended KYCK in the past.
  7. A "group" can be a youth group or school group.